of L&D pros globally identified Leadership programs as their top priority in 2021. (Linkedin)


Leadership teams in many organisations operate as a collection of functional silos, instead of aligning and collaborating as a cohesive primary team to drive the strategy and a culture of empowerment across the business. We guide Leadership teams to define the roadmap to success, using a practical, unique and scalable process.

Who is it For?

Teams looking to navigate their way whilst leading change, or to a future state of higher performance.

How is it Delivered?

Our unique proprietary 360 degree leadership process helps leaders advance their careers. We build the specific leadership capabilities that will advance your business in a structured roadmap. Our integrated and flexible model will embed leadership at all levels. Read more on our process below.

  • 360 SURVEY
  • SELF
  • TEAM

We use the award-winning 6Ceed leadership (management) system that provides regular, meaningful, organisation-wide performance data and feedback for C-level leadership

When do you need it?

When you’ve identified capability gaps, functional (silo’d) thinking, or are looking to improve ‘big picture’, strategic thinking, with better alignment of day-to-day decisions to the company’s money-making process.

how we help

We utilise award-winning methodologies, tailored to maximise results for your business

How it Works and Why it Matters

We use a practical process, the NEWS™ Compass, to equip your Leadership Team with the clarity, commitment, and communication needed to set the example to lead your strategy. The framework was created by Aviad Goz, who identified 4 main growth barriers of organisations, teams and individuals by observing repetitive behaviour patterns. Each direction of the compass corresponds to one barrier and addresses a suitable solution.

When extended multi-disciplinary teams of middle managers, front line supervisors and employees work together, there is a resulting culture of ownership, clarity and collaboration that allows the wider organisation to better align, and proactively achieve the right priorities based on a clearer understanding of the overall strategy.

How it Works and Why it Matters​


The program brings together the leadership team, enabling them to eliminate silo behaviour and organisational confusion. Behaviours will align to a clear direction which is powered and maintained for long-term growth with genuine understanding. Members will engage with a common set of values and standards that empowers the team to focus on what needs to be executed and break through the barriers to success.

Improved strategic thinking and decision making

Empower the team to identify and breakthrough barriers to success

Focuses the team on what needs to be executed

Eliminates silo thinking and organisational confusion

“Millward Brown engaged the services of Lighthouse to help the Senior Management Team better understand how to lead the organisation. The outcome was a clear 1, 2 and 3 year strategy with key actions and accountability. Our Leadership team are more focused and aligned and all our people now participate in shaping the key actions and initiatives each year. Over the past two and a half years we have continued to work closely with Lighthouse, not just on Strategy, but with broader training of our teams. We have experienced solid growth and our employee satisfaction is at record levels. In fact we managed to achieve our three year financial goal in the first year”.

Ben Dixon
CEO, Millward Brown

Lighthouse Group