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Lighthouse exist to accelerate your roadmap from A to B through deploying leadership systems. We will utilise these systems to deploy with your teams in order to take your business to the next level. Complete the free Diagnostic Survey to get assistance, tools, frameworks, and process to take your team to the next level.

Free Leadership Diagnostic Survey

Everyone has time and performance pressure to deliver short term results but, right now so it’s a balancing act on short term tactics and long-term strategies to keep the businesses growing. To help you get started and to give you clarity, Lighthouse is offering a free leadership diagnostic for your business. It is 3 steps to understand where your business is at and where it needs to be;

  1. Complete this confidential and obligation free survey to tell us a bit about where you are today and where you would like to be.
  2. Fill in the last question of the survey to let us know in what day & time is best to have a 30 minute FROM-TO Roadmap Conversation
  3. We will contact you to unpack the results from the survey and make recommendations and next steps

Take your business from where you are today “A” to where you want to “B” and make FY21 a great one.

Leadership Diagnostic Survey

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Teams – “People with complimentary skills who are committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable”, Katzenbach 1993.

Advancing Teams is a highly relevant topic. There has never been a time where effective teams are so needed. We need great teamwork and the power of team to succeed in today’s environment. Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage – no one can copy it. Great teams keep your talent engaged and provide the diversity required for effective decisions, managing complexity and navigating through the uncertainty of constant change.

Research reveals that we spend 54% of our time working in teams. In my experience, if the team is engaged and motivated, the team participation can be the most rewarding experience in our careers. If the team is not working, it can be great source of discontent and even the worst time of our career. The question for leaders is: “how can you shift your team FROM where they are now TO where you would like them to be?” Whether you are key member of a leadership team or leading your own team there’s always a higher level of result you want to achieve. You may have a forming team that you want to develop, you may have a dysfunctional team that you need to unite, or a ‘good’ team that you want to move to ‘great’.

So how do you establish a system that delivers excellence at scale for your stakeholder?

Thinking about your customers, both internal and external, your investors, your team, for yourself and your family” – what is your system?

Let us start! To create a benchmark for where you are now, can you rank your team out of 10? 1 being the lowest to 10, the highest, in terms of both the results it achieves and the way it operates, both the WHAT and the HOW? List the positives and negatives for whatever ranking you gave. If you were to increase your mark by at least two points let us examine some of what you can influence and do as the leader? At Lighthouse we deploy team interventions in a practical integrated system made up of four elements draws from research and experience.

Your Leadership System

  1. Alignment to a compelling direction. This has three aspects to it: a common direction or purpose, a strategy of how to win, and a vision of what success looks like. You may find that both Direction and Strategy are up in the air during COVID- so one thing you can do now is unite around a common direction. A shared purpose that unites all of you, whichever role you are in. This will represent what you love doing as a team, what you are best at and where the opportunities are to create value for your stakeholders.
  2. Engagement to a team culture. The values and behaviours for which your team stands. It is important as a leader to shape an environment with clear standards and demonstration of what you deem most important. If collaboration is a core value then this needs to be demonstrated in the quality interactions you have within and across teams. You aim to a develop a culture where the team self-polices these behaviours and challenge one another if they are not demonstrating the agreed values and behaviours..
  3. Empowered mindset. A negative mindset can develop in the team if the team structure isn’t quite right, decision making process is unclear or there are legacy issues from previous changes. This often manifests in trust and respect issues or conflict that is typically born out of poor communication and decision making. Correcting the mindset can be accomplished through empathetic and courageous conversations and a reframe of the team’s perspective.
  4. Disciplined execution. A hallmark of high performing teams. The challenge here is that people are often focused on the outcomes or lag indicators that they really cannot control. Particularly in current times of change, we want to focus on what we can control and influence- the lead indicators. These are the ‘critical few’ things that will move the dial in your results – key activities that will enable the lag indicator. Our individual accountabilities must be aligned to those activities. For example, if we believe that meeting our revenue target (Lag indicator) requires each sales rep to make 40 calls each day (Lead indicator), did everyone make their allocated calls? Weekly team meetings should reflect a cadence of demonstrated accountability.

Leaders who exert effort and develop their skills leading teams in these 4 areas will accelerate the team’s success. The next question is: what will you see that demonstrates you are making progress?

Transformed Teams

There are 5 areas of evidence that suggest the team is progressing:

  1. Mindset –a shift from ‘ME’ to ‘WE’. In times of change and stress people will seek to control their small piece and establish more security. Leaders must continually bring the team back to our shared mindset.
  2. Behaviour – greater levels of communication and collaboration. Trust issues are being resolved through discussion on what will change the result and subsequent action. Psychological safety develops as people speak their truth and are respected for doing so.
  3. Skills/Capability – you as the team leader should focused on the four elements discussed above: Alignment/Engagement/Empowerment/Execution. You want to see all of them improving. You need a system, tools, and process to engage this inclusively with your team, so they own it.
  4. Structure/Process – we recommend 6-9 direct reports. Fewer than 6 means lack of diversity; more than 9 leads to lack of agility. A transformed team uses a weekly meeting cadence with content shaped and owned by the team. If you were in a sporting team, the team meeting is your game day. The content and value of that meeting must be high.
  5. Tools –a dashboard that clearly tracks the Lag indicators and your lead indicators. This dashboard reflects the ultimate outcomes you’re seeking and unlocks the next stage of development goals, roles, interpersonal relationships, and process.

Research says that 50% of the variance in organisational performance can be attributed to the top team. Performance is ultimately all about leadership. Whatever team you are in, you have an opportunity to shape a different culture and result. It is never too late. If you have someone poisoning the team and the team culture, you must make a move on this person. The team will be the richer for it. The ultimate, sustainable answer for Advancing Teams lies in a system that guides you to achieving a FROM -TO shift. This is the shift that creates scale and unlocks growth.

Lighthouse – your organisational development partner

If you would like assistance, tools, frameworks, and process to take your team to the next level, please contact us at Lighthouse. We exist to accelerate your roadmap from A to B through deploying leadership systems. We will utilise these systems to deploy with your teams in order to take your business to the next level.

Leadership Diagnostic Survey
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