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Lighthouse exist to accelerate your roadmap from A to B through deploying leadership systems. We will utilise these systems to deploy with your teams in order to take your business to the next level. Complete the free Diagnostic Survey to get assistance, tools, frameworks, and process to take your team to the next level.

Free Leadership Diagnostic Survey

Everyone has time and performance pressure to deliver short term results but, right now so it’s a balancing act on short term tactics and long-term strategies to keep the businesses growing. To help you get started and to give you clarity, Lighthouse is offering a free leadership diagnostic for your business. It is 3 steps to understand where your business is at and where it needs to be;

  1. Complete this confidential and obligation free survey to tell us a bit about where you are today and where you would like to be.
  2. Fill in the last question of the survey to let us know in what day & time is best to have a 30 minute FROM-TO Roadmap Conversation
  3. We will contact you to unpack the results from the survey and make recommendations and next steps

Take your business from where you are today “A” to where you want to “B” and make FY21 a great one.

Get your FREE diagnostic today!

Advancing People

One of the more challenging and rewarding aspects of our roles as leaders is getting the people we lead to the next level. How do we enable a FROM – TO shift, from where they are now to where you would like them to be? Your role unlocking the “next level” appears in various ways. How do you:

  • create greater engagement to a business transformation or change?
  • achieve a step up in their level of performance?
  • develop them to be ready for future roles?
  • help them to take more on, so you are free to do other things?
  • reduce the level of noise or interpersonal conflict between people?

Ownership and Accountability

Ownership and Accountability are the key to enabling a FROM – TO Shift. First you need to know what:

  • underpins this?
  • engagement system do you need as the leader to enable this shift?
  • needs to be in place for greater levels of empowerment?

An easy way to think about this is how you can get an extra 20% from each of your people to generate an additional 20% for you.

Ownership/Accountability and Empowerment are a two-sided coin, both rely on the other. You can’t really have one without the other. This metaphor relates to you and your staff member. The cause and effect relationship must be reflected in the individual you lead and how you lead.

Want to know more about how to advance yourself, your team and your business then download the Advancing People PDF to read the full article.

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Download the Advancing People PDF 
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About Lighthouse

At Lighthouse, we have tools, methods and process to help Leaders navigate FROM-TO shifts. If you would like help building ownership and accountability and/or build your own system to enable a transformation, please contact us at or Peter can be contacted directly at p[email protected] 





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