Time to reset your career compass

Whether you are starting your career, mid-career or towards the back end of your career, there is always a time when you feel stuck. Career coaching is not always the first place people go when they feel like this – but perhaps it should be.

Career coaching - for when you’ve lost your true north

It can be hard to put your finger on this moment; it is often more a feeling. The feeling might be a hint of things being not quite right, tilting in the wrong direction, into the wind, off balance. 

It may be exacerbated right now in this period of “great reflection and pause” thrust onto us through the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest research shows that 50% of people, including senior managers and those at the executive level, are considering quitting their current employment. 

This is a clear indication that it’s a pressing problem for employers and employees alike.

“The big four questions” of career development

Many, many people right now are asking lots of questions of themselves. These questions tackle the big challenges of career growth, career options, professional development, skill sets and more. 

  • Am I on the right path?
  • Am I in the right role and setting?
  • Am I capable of more?
  • What do I do next?

They are all internal questions. They may be questions we feel we can only ask of ourselves, that we have to solve ourselves, personally and professionally. Each question creates another question which can create a feeling of being stuck. Not many of us know the way forward. We don’t know how to find an authentic way to navigate our next stage in our careers.

We need a process or method to begin to navigate the path, to find the answers. Ideally, we need to find the right combination of answers that meet our idealistic aspirations with practical realities, mental ambition with physical capacity, which can satisfy what is most important to us and what we need to sacrifice or compromise.

Mapping the possible pathways in career coaching

I have always been fascinated with designing pathways to help people and business accelerate, and helping people find clarity and balance amongst complexity and change. It was a chance meeting in Italy that introduced me to an Israeli designer, teacher and writer Aviad Goz, who explained to me his concept of a compass and the importance of a North star that sets your direction.

Aviad helped me create a purpose statement that combines my strengths, passions to meet the opportunity. He helped me with how to craft my next stage, the next step that suits my level of advancement, and how to define my future. This was a growth plan. 

I left totally energised. I couldn’t sleep! It was one of those moments where you feel completely inspired and unstoppable. I am pleased to say 10 years later it remains with me today and we have trained and coached thousands of people with these helpful tools.

It starts with personal accountability, a decision that you will craft your path and take an inside-out approach. With career counselling and coaching sessions to guide you in understanding yourself more deeply, your goals then start to take shape externally for you. 

*Lighthouse will be running processes to help people re-set for 2022 and beyond. If you want to clarify your North Star or help your people clarify their career compass to boost engagement, please register your interest here.

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