who say they are “living their purpose” at work are 4 x more likely to report higher engagement levels than those who say they aren’t – McKinsey


People entering the workforce today can expect to have as many as 7 career changes in their working lives. With accelerating digital capabilities, there are both opportunities and risks being created every day. New Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation tools threaten to replace some roles, whilst presenting new job opportunities that hadn’t been considered before.

It has never been more important for us to take ownership of our own career growths, uncovering our deepest motivations and personal values in order to carve out proactive and strategic career pathways. The Career Navigation solution provides proven tools and systems to allow participants to set themselves up as successful, lifelong learners and future-proof their careers.

Who is it For?

Graduates, high potential employees and mid-career professionals.

How is it Delivered?

3-step workshop style training that can be scheduled virtually or face to face to suit your organisation

When do you need it?

Individuals who are unsure or daunted by the prospect of making career decisions, who feel blocked or limited with progression opportunities in their jobs, or feel they’ve lost sight of their “why”. For businesses it is a useful practise to increase employee retention and engagement.

how we help

We utilise award-winning methodologies, tailored to maximise results for your business

How it Works and Why it Matters

Linkedin’s Workforce Learning report states that 93% of employees would stay longer at a company if they invested in their employee growth. We utilise award-winning methodologies, tailored to maximise results for your people, and drive better employee retention and engagement rates to benefit your business.

We use a 3-step process with an “inside-out” approach, that enables people to find their own, genuine career direction based on personal motivations and individual sense of purpose to define a practical, self-directed plan that enables them to reach their full potential. The benefits of gaining clarity of these key considerations increases individual performance which in turn, benefits the wider organisation on the ‘outside’.

Career Navigation program is based on N.E.W.S.®, a leadership development model and program created by Aviad Goz. Find out more.

How it Works and Why it Matters​
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Better connection to personal purpose
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Improved self-motivation
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Lifted self-management
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Improved self-development


We partner with individuals and organisations to drive leadership development at all levels. Your Career Navigation investment will deliver personal and professional growth, the benefits of which  will “ripple” through the organisation for team success.

“Employees who feel in control of their career are 20% more likely to stay in their roles. When employees have an idea of where their career trajectory is headed, and leadership supports their endeavours …….. loyalty will follow”

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