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It’s widely reported by Gallup and others that around seven out of 10 workers in organisations are either not engaged, or are actively disengaged in their work, and further to that companies with poor employee engagement tend to have lower earnings.

Incentives, bonuses, motivational speakers, casual working conditions are all common and good things to help with this issue (and should probably continue to be part of the solution), but there’s a reason they don’t bring results.

A company’s most engaged people think and act like owners of the business, but they need to be empowered to think in that way. What your people are lacking, is business acumen. Kevin Cope (Author of Seeing the Bigger Picture, and our program partner at Acumen Learning) recently wrote an article where he addressed the issue of employee engagement, and he prescribed that you can empower employees to think like business owners by helping them to develop business acumen. He boils it down into two steps:

Step 1: Focus on purpose. Cope says, “People will work hard for a paycheck, harder for a person, and hardest for a purpose.” Employees need a personal connection to the company’s purpose, or they’ll be more likely to lack the perspective to feel like their work matters.

Step 2: Connect to the bottom line. Acumen Learning, in a survey of 50,000 people found that a staggering 90% of employees don’t understand their company’s important business metrics. You can’t expect employees to be engaged contributors if they have no clue how their work contributes to the company’s bottom line. Chances are, they want to use their full potential, but they don’t have all the tools they need to help them get there. You can help your people understand how their decisions affect the bottom line, which will help them see the value in their work, and in turn help them focus on doing the things that really count.

Engaged, accountable employees will hold themselves accountable for engaging your customers, and ultimately that is what business is about!

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