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It’s surprising how few individuals really understand how their company makes money. Whilst it seems like a simple question on the surface, as you consider it, it becomes complex. Is your company making more money than it did last year? Are you making more than your competitors? Which products are outperforming? Which are underperforming? What’s the strategy to make more money going forward? Once people learn our 5 Business Drivers framework, they are able to answer these questions and more, which helps them align their day to day work to achieving company success.

The 5 Business Drivers model is really about everyone thinking practically about business within the context of a common framework. The model gives participants a birds-eye view of their business, and when everyone has the same big picture approach, it gives context to more advanced concepts like “enabling growth”.

Without the 5 Business Drivers framework participants in training courses are more likely to become disengaged or discouraged as they struggle with tough business topics because their context of the business is narrow. Developing business acumen through the 5 Business Drivers model gives them the foundation and confidence to understand complex business ideas and strategies, and therefore the ability to contribute more effectively.

Additionally, for many sales organisations, key salespeople understand how to pitch sales, but they’re not really business savvy. They may know the context of the products they’re selling, but they likely don’t know or understand the challenges that are really keeping their customers awake at night. At the end of the day, they’ll usually turn an important meeting with a customer into a conversation about the features and benefits of a product. A salesperson who has developed business acumen know the challenges that plague the customer on a daily basis, and offer solutions rather than peddle products.

Furthermore, increased understanding of your business coupled with the knowledge of what the customer is looking for, enables your people to collaborate across silos and functions to become true trusted advisors.

Join us at our informative workshop session for Senior Customer Leaders and L&D Professionals on October 25, 2018 in Sydney from 8 – 10 AM and learn how developing business acumen in your people can help you exceed and anticipate customer expectations. For more information, please visit the event page or register your interest by email: [email protected]

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