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To assist you over the next six weeks we will release 6 x 10 minute video’s to inspire you to make a practical next step. The topics included in this series include Advancing Your…

  1. Self
  2. People
  3. Teams
  4. Leadership
  5. Business
  6. Customers
  7. Presenting your business case Bonus module

In each video you will receive hours of value packed into 10 minutes, including a:

  1. development framework,
  2. best practice example,
  3. way to define where you are now,
  4. where you want to be and
  5. practical next step.

Receive weekly video’s from Masters Qualified Executive Coaches Peter Nankervis and Eric Miller, who together have over fifty years experience leading change, advising CEO’s, accelerating leadership and teams and helping people navigate their next best path.

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Advance Series videos:
Advancing Self
Advancing People

About Lighthouse

At Lighthouse, we have tools, methods and process to help Leaders navigate FROM-TO shifts. If you would like help building ownership and accountability and/or build your own system to enable a transformation, please contact us at or Peter can be contacted directly at [email protected]

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