Leadership and Growth Summit


of executives surveyed by Deloitte admitted that ‘strengthening organizational leadership’ is a high priority

Inspiring and enabling your people to reach full potential

There is no greater ROI  activity you can do than align and empower your leaders to impact your short and medium term performance.  Invest now, will future proof your business for growth.

Program Overview

This fully customisable 5-day leadership summit will provide you with a framework to lift engagement, retain key talent and increase overall revenues. Investing in the development, skills and capabilities of your people is an essential strategy for CEO’s and Executives who are seeking to create change through elevated leadership practise.  

How it Works

Learning modules are set across 5 key areas:

1. Leadership Expectations

Defining the characteristics of great leadership and transformation required in your business.

2. Leadership and Growth

Elevating your business into a key destination for high potential talent to scale and grow.

3. Talent Development

Attracting, developing and engaging high performers with constructive feedback and coaching.

3. Performance Coaching

Equipping leaders to build accountability with their direct reports and addressing key challanges.


Take the first step in futureproofing your business growth

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Program Pricing

5 sessions,
1 per day

90 minutes
per session

Under $1,000
per person

Typically run for groups of 50-200 leaders, the cost per leader can be less than AUD$1,000 if run virtually (no overhead costs)

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