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As the world mobilises to mitigate the impact of Covid-19, Lighthouse CEO, Peter Nankervis joins Suzanne Jones in Collective Conversations as they discuss the state of the nation and what our Corporate Leaders are putting in place for a world post Corona Virus.

Peter talks about going back to the blueprint, resetting your own compass, connecting and collaborating with people and being innovative and using this crisis to be creative in how we can do things differently. This podcast is a must for anyone in charge of a business large or small, business leaders in general and those who manage teams.

In all this confusion and fear this podcast gives a direction and guidance on where to place your energy;

  1. Leaders need a system to succeed. 6 key factors required
  2. Strategic focus for Leadership Objectives
  3. Great mindsets for leading in a crisis
  4. How to make effective decisions as a leadership team
  5. Best practice example of Leadership Communication
  6. Leadership Structure and Tools to be effective

Watch the podcast:

The need for Leadership Transformation to accelerate business transformation


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