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In this weeks Leadership System Podcast, Lighthouse CEO, Peter Nankervis joins Suzanne Jones in Collective Conversations and gives straight forward advice to help you accelerate your business through the COVID-19 crisis.

Peter talks about keeping things simple, focusing on the 3 key stages to help you get through this crisis, 4 factors that define your business and the 5 business drivers you need to make careful decisions on – to give you mental models you need to be thinking as a leader.

This podcast is a must for anyone in charge of a business large or small, business leaders in general and those who manage teams.

  • The 3-4-5 Leadership for Navigating in times of adversity;
    • 3 Stages – Resilience (Cash), Reboot (Simplification) and Reinvention (Value/Opportunity)
    • 4 Factors to Navigate – North, South, East, West
    • 5 Business Drivers – Cash, People, Profit, Assets, Growth
  • Key Discussion Points: Strategic Focus, Trust, Agility, Decision Making
  • Accelerating your roadmap from A to B

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