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Hello everyone,

I’m thinking of all of you at this time and wishing good health for you and your families.

I have summarised 6 key tips below, which are relevant in these times of change and I hope this sparks something practical for each of you;

Leadership Objectives Strategically there are now clearly two horizons: Next 3-6 months and Longer term. A bi- focal approach is needed. Stick to the plan, but you will need to re-navigate to work out what needs to be stopped, sped up or slowed down strategically in the next 3-6 months
Leadership Mindset “We need you now, this is your time, this is where you do your best work”
Leadership Behaviour When making commercial decisions on People and Wages, clarify and align on your principles as a leadership team to guide your leadership decisions. It’s helpful for people to understand what is your mission and the rationale and prioritisation for your decisions
Leadership Capability Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor showing how to lead in a crisis. Communication and Decisiveness two top qualities, bringing facts and numbers to every discussion, talk about system challenges and leadership structure, modelling what he wants others to follow, demonstrating personal empathy but pushing for what he wants
Leadership Structure To build and maintain Culture, there is a great need to host collaborative forums for help people connect in teams. Good example within highly engaged culture this week of Virtual Friday arvo drinks and virtual Trivia Quiz. Beware the expectation of being in everything to appear busy. Set up empowerment and accountability so people can engage in meaningful work with guard rails
Leadership Tools Prioritise communication. Most leadership teams meeting daily with daily communication mechanisms. Time to get on social media and show your agility, experimenting with new ways of working

Remember: being positive and taking action make you feel good!

All the best

Peter Nankervis
CEO and lead team partner building great businesses through changing the way people work together

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