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Hey everyone,

This week my tips continue on from my “being positive and taking action makes you feel good” blog published last week, by answering some of the key “what and how” questions being discussed by leaders across the world right now.

Here are some tips to help you focus on cash flow, competitive differentiation, creativity, communication and collaboration to keep your business heading in the right direction.

Leadership Challenge Lighthouse Tip
 Q: What should we be focused on with our teams right now? Focus on outcomes to drive cash flow as first priority and then stick to the plan with a process: Redefine your strategies for the next 3-6 months, define the quarterly goal and next action off each. Allocate lead accountability to each priority. Meet weekly to track progress and set next actions.
Q: How do you balance your communication between reality and wanting to be positive? Be specific, don’t generalise. Focus on the specific situations with facts to support your analysis and then look for and communicate the opportunity. Point to customer benefit or competitive differentiation that can be gained through your collective positive actions.
Q: How can you create competitive differentiation when you are trading less? Talk to customers when there is no activity, seek to add value when competitors have lost focus, communicate and demonstrate your brand purpose authentically in your recommendations.
Q. What behaviour is the most notable improver arising out of this situation? Team and interdepartmental Collaboration is really positive and several MD’s hoping it will continue.

MD of Technology Consultancy has observed 10X more communication.  This is leading to more cohesive and connected team (even when socially distant)

Q: There are many that are really happy and enjoying this time. Why? Because despite the financial difficulty or health concern, many individual core values are being translated better – Greater family connection, regular exercise, being creative, learning/reading more. Many are being self- disciplined, positive and action oriented in response, which is making them feel good.

Next week tips will be focused on business opportunities arising out of the crisis.

Stay well and be positive,

Peter Nankervis
CEO and lead team partner building great businesses through changing the way people work together


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