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In business today, the one constant is ‘change’. Organisations and the teams that make them up are constantly facing changes, whether it is a new team remit, re-organisation of resources, or change of direction. Inevitably, changes cause concern, stress and anxiety and as a leader, you must navigate your team to successful outcomes in the midst of what is going on around you.

Set the Plan…and Adjust

Setting the destination and the plan for getting there is important.  Being clear on individual responsibilities keeps the team focused and heading in the right direction. Today’s environment requires constant course-corrections – these adjustments need short feedback loops.


Because you’ll be adjusting your course frequently, communication is especially important in periods of change. Transparency is also key. Sharing available information with your team alleviates anxiety and encourages their cooperation in the weeks to come.

Recognise the effort

Change is hard.  Your team will be tempted to lose focus, slow down, or give up. As a leader it’s easy to become preoccupied with ‘doing’ and forget to recognize and reward team members for their contributions.


No one enjoys change. Leading through change can feel chaotic. All of the rules change and a new way of working must be established. Having the resilience to persist through change will mean success for you and your team.

At Lighthouse, we have a unique and proven method for navigating your team through change, and staying on track with achieving your vision to +/-10% accuracy.  If you are interested in talking with one of our consultants about how we can help you to do this, then please click the button to the right and we will arrange a free consultation, usually valued at $900

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