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If you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards. That’s what my father always used to say to me. If you are reading or watching this, you are oriented to growth. This includes self- improvement, and advancing yourself to achieve better results.

We are talking here about a FROM – TO shift. The “FROM”  is the sum of what you know now, what you have experienced, what you have learnt from your prior successes, it is your current position. The “TO” represents where you would like to be, where you need to be, the next level of your development.

Inactivity or a lack of growth personally is almost impossible within an environment of significant change. The size and scale of our business transformation and growth directly equates to the size and scale of what is required with our personal transformation. We need to make these shifts, but many of us do not have the tools, a method or system to transform.

Personal Leadership Transformation

At Lighthouse we specialise in leadership systems and our system for Personal Leadership Transformation has five elements;

  • Mindset 
  • Behaviour
  • Skills 
  • Process or Structure 
  • Tools 

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About Lighthouse

At Lighthouse, we have tools, methods and process to help Leaders navigate FROM-TO shifts. If you would like help building ownership and accountability and/or build your own system to enable a transformation, please contact us at or Peter can be contacted directly at p[email protected] 

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