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We live in a VUCA world of fast changes and uncertainty. Change has become the new norm. At the same time, employees’ engagement at work is at an all-time low.​

Since 2011 as exclusive Australian Licensee partner of  N.E.W.S.® Coaching & Training, Lighthouse has been delivering an integrated suite of solutions to make individuals, teams and organizations thrive in Times of Change.​

Our innovative N.E.W.S.™ Compass and the 12 Box Matrix were developed by Aviad Goz, the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of N.E.W.S.® Coaching & Training.

These unique tools allowed us to successfully facilitate the navigation of organisations, teams and individuals in times of change. Our clients continue to reach exceptional growth and development in challenging circumstances.

N.E.W.S.™ – One Compass. Seven solutions. Worldwide.

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