of employees say they have a clear understanding of what their organisation is trying to achieve and why (Covey).


This digital series helps navigate people and businesses from where they are now to where they want to be. The online video modules are focussed around six different areas, involving a set of educational frameworks, tools and practical processes to set you up for growth, connect with your stakeholders and scale to create better outcomes and more freedom for you, your colleagues, and your family.

The weekly video series are hosted by Masters Qualified Executive Coaches Peter Nankervis and Eric Miller, who together have over fifty years’ experience leading change, advising CEO’s, accelerating teams and empowering people to navigate their next best path.

Who is it For?

Time-poor individuals or teams who are looking to accelerate success.

How is it Delivered?

With a series of 6 x 10 minute video modules plus one bonus module, that can be studied in your own time.

When do you need it?

When you have realised that you or the organisation needs help navigating from where it is now, to where you want it to be.

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at $290 per person (minimum 12 people) to do program $590 per person for individual Pre & Post survey to measure impact and to determine where to invest next.

how we help

We utilise award-winning methodologies, tailored to maximise results for your business

How it Works and Why it Matters

Using the 5 Key Business Drivers as the basis, the Leadership Training works to align your teams, empower your people and drive transformation, to elevate your personal and professional outcomes.

Cash On hand, and generation

Profit Revenues and Expenses

Assets Strength and Utilisation

Growth Top Line and Bottom Line

People Employees and Customers

The 7 step series involves seven modules which cover all the drivers of change. 

  1. Self
  2. People
  3. Teams
  4. Leadership
  5. Business
  6. Customers
  7. Presenting your business case Bonus module

The 5 Key Drivers combine in multiple ways to form the foundation of strategy, products, market position, financing, human resources, and every other decision in a company. The Leadership Training shows teams how to leverage their own assets, and empowers their leaders to set and achieve goals and obtain results in these five areas in order to achieve the most important objective for any company: long-term, sustainable profitability to support its purpose.


The program will help businesses of any size, and people of varying seniority to advance to the next level. The modules provide actionable theories and systems that are proven to help develop participants from managing the self, to managing others, teams, to heading up a function or department, to business unit, and then to leading an entire enterprise organisation. 

We know from the research that 50% of the variance in organisational performance comes back to Leadership. Put simply, if you want to grow the business you must advance and empower your people. Every business must understand how to successfully appoint or appoint people into leadership roles, and the Advancing Series will help to clarify what areas individual leaders should be looking to develop in to be successful.

“The six-part series was one of the best self and team development training programs that I have ever seen in business”

John Marasco
Colliers International

Lighthouse Group