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The world of healthcare is complex. And each part of the industry has a different set of priorities they need to focus on in order to succeed. The pharmaceutical and medical device portions of the industry focuses on getting innovations to market to drive patient outcomes. Providers focus on operational efficiencies while driving patient impact. Regardless of where you are at in the healthcare value chain your business needs to keep up with the changes in member advocacy, technology, operational efficiency, service delivery and risk management.

Understanding how your organization makes money, how that money is used to further your mission and success, and what each person can do to further impact your organization and your customers is progressively getting more vital given the interdependency of the industry’s constituent parts, the complexity of the regulatory environment, and the global nature of competition and patients’ needs. Competency is now more vital than ever to your success as a leader and as an organization.


Manufacturing & Industrial

With emerging technologies and new capabilities, manufacturers must adjust to the current realities of the marketplace. Companies that are able to take advantage of our new age of interconnectedness with customers, suppliers, partners, and employees will emerge as the leaders of tomorrow.

But capitalizing on this new technology driven marketplace will take agility and speed. In our interviews with leaders in this space, the challenge is clear: companies must be able to balance this faster pace of innovation without risking their investments in plant and equipment.

The ability to manage & optimise performance from decentralised profit centres is a challenge for many companies in the manufacturing and Industrial sectors.

The goal of training departments within the manufacturing industry should be focused on teaching employees how to utilize the right resources and set the right priorities that lead to profitability.

Technology & Telecommunications

No industry reinvents itself as rapidly as the tech sector. Cloud computing, edge analytics, artificial intelligence, the digitization of media, and far too many other advances to count are changing the way we all work and connect with the world.

Nevertheless, there are fundamental principles like customer value, quality, innovation, strategic investments, and execution that will always guide a CEO’s decisions. The real innovators of the industry are able to balance tech savvy with market savvy.

The programs we deliver for high-tech, and telecommunications companies help participants understand why their CEO wants them to be a businessperson first and an engineer, salesperson, or human resource wiz second. He or she needs employees who use their business acumen to drive innovation and profits


Financial & Services

New regulations and a global economy has forever changed the financial & Services landscape. Executive teams are now in the mode of continuously rethinking how regulators, employees, global competitors, and customers impact their business. They’re abandoning industrial-era tactics that limit growth, they’re repositioning strategies to better leverage new proficiencies, operating models, and technologies, and they’re recognizing that in-order to make good on their promises, they need to tap into their talents’ intellectual energy to achieve results faster.

Consumer Products

While innovation and product development will always be at the heart of consumer products companies, today’s market is increasingly transparent. From a consumer performing a price comparison using a smartphone app, to the eco-minded consumer who can Google whether your company is socially responsible, the emerging transparent marketplace presents unique challenges in our increasingly connected world.

In response, consumer brands have been forced to transcend the old rules that run deep within the industry — easier said than done. Senior leaders know that they need employees who are able to see things anew, quickly perceive shifts in the marketplace, and understand how to leverage new rules to improve financial performance across their customer value chain.



The Property sector is Australia’s biggest industry and the nation’s second largest employer and encompasses the many facets of property, including development, appraisal, marketing, selling, leasing, and management of commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural properties.

The real estate industry will face many changes. Two key challenges are affordable housing and keeping up with the latest technology. 

Property touches the lives of all Australians and is both a major part of the household balance sheet and the Australian economy. Now more than ever Australia needs a strong property industry, so it is important that companies invest in the development of their people and build strong leadership systems to navigate the challenges.

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“I think the outcome overall was a success and we have some very relevant, concrete actions to follow up on. The discussions were very valuable considering that we are going through a lot of change.”

Matthias Hess
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“This is the best leadership workshop I’ve ever been in. We now know exactly what to do.”

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“Lighthouse were true partners in the sense that they worked seamlessly and closely with us to deliver a solution that met our needs. Their knowledge and expertise in this field, along with the ability to align it to the Cleanaway requirements was exceptional.”​

Jim Nolan​
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“Having a new management team in place it was essential to undertake a program that would bring the team together. The outcomes exceeded my expectations.  In just two days with Eric we established clear strategic outcomes on a single page and developed real ownership among the team.  I walked in knowing that we could not succeed as a group of individuals- we had to become a team.  I walked out seeing a demonstrable shift in our collective interactions and conversations.”

David Lenz
CEO Hills Limited

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