Our Team

Our Team

Our Team Purpose

To be a trusted advisor of people and business transformation so leaders can succeed and grow with confidence.

How we are different

Customised Roadmap based on your needs and maturity stage
CEO’s as experienced partners guiding your Leadership Roadmap
Systemised approach proven to transform business outcomes

What we value

Customer Partnerships

Your needs, your roadmap, collaborative success

Learning and Growth

We love to learn; we believe in growth and continual improvement


People, Customers and Stakeholder engagement is at the heart of what we do


Open transparent communication to find practical solutions


Guiding and supporting Leaders to prioritise leadership and develop scale so they have more freedom

Get to know us

  • Peter Nankervis

    Managing Director

    I’m passionate about developing integrated Leadership solutions that help guide CEOs and Leadership teams to accelerated success. My strength is creating clarity for people and making Leadership practical to systemise transformation and business outcomes.  Let’s discuss how to get started in your business.

  • Mark Emerson

    Managing Director

    I’m passionate about partnering with C Suite Leaders to co-create Leadership Systems that align the Leadership Team to strategy and culture, cascade execution through the Extended Leadership Team and build capability across all Leaders to deliver outcomes for the Enterprise.  My strength is instinctively identifying ‘the next best step’.  Let’s discuss how this applies for your team.

  • Eric Miller

    Managing Director

    I’m passionate about helping organisations go farther faster by deploying tailored, evidence-based systems that help individuals and teams do their best work. My strength is thinking through the whole solution needed to make change happen.  Give me a call and let’s explore how we can move your business forward…together.

  • Jenna Shreeve

    Program Manager

  • Stephen Forth

    Transformation Partner

    I have successfully led teams for over 30 years at the forefront of business transformation (clients and the companies I have worked for) creating value through Leadership, creativity and where this interacts with people, technology and data. My experience as a strategic advisor to boards, C suite and management at all levels has allowed me to work across many market segments globally and diverse geographical locations incorporating retail, tourism, financial services, product innovation, Government at all levels and the media industry. I am excited to continue learning and changing as the world changes through COVID and beyond.

  • Alice Gilby

    Client Delivery Coordinator

  • Justin Sires

    Transformation Partner

    I’m passionate about using my collected skills & experience to help people and businesses thrive. Alignment of organisational and individual purpose is an area of particular interest to me as ‘people don’t want to lay bricks, they want to build castles.’

  • Victor Jiang

    Transformation Partner

    Having led successful Fortune 500 businesses in insurance and insurtech across Asia Pacific, I am a trusted advisor on Leadership development for growth, innovation and disruption in digital transformation. Based in Melbourne, I look forward to partnering with ambitious CEOs and business Leaders to deliver long-lasting organisational impact and exceptional business results.

  • Ben Leaver

    Transformation Partner

    I am an experienced business Leader with extensive success gained across various business sectors. My banking career gave me excellent experience in commercial acumen both for internal use and enterprise sales, Leadership and team culture and ways of working along with experience in change, revenue diversification/addition, and business structuring. I have held senior roles within the Banking and  Not for Profit and Professional Associations sector, including over five years in the role of CEO. I am a strong believer in building performance-based cultures and leading with the heart. My masters qualification in business helps builds empathy and confidence with participants through an authentic program facilitation.

  • Brooke Wilson

    Client Delivery Coordinator

  • Mick Spiers

    Transformation Partner

    I am a highly experienced executive with an exceptional track record of managing global and regional businesses for multinational technology companies. I am driven by a purpose to empower Leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to create amazing teams and businesses that have a true impact on the world and where people fall back in love with their jobs again.

    I am a certified professional transformational coach and a bestselling author and keynote speaker.

  • Elyane Verner


    I specialise in individual and team development, drawing on my extensive senior-level, global experience across a broad range of organisations and previous worked as Global Head of Learning Strategy for a large healthcare company. With a Master’s of Management, substantial general management experience and organisational development accreditations, I bring high-level strategic approaches and pragmatic, hands-on Leadership and business coaching and consulting. I am passionate about creating sustainable change at both an individual and organisational level, with strong emphasis on authenticity, personal wellbeing, high performance and women in Leadership.

  • Tim Chilvers


    Tim has led a diverse range of businesses spanning small and complex teams in global organisations to large divisions of commercial banks with more than 500 people and $500m in revenue.

    Tim has led and worked with others to drive sustainable performance uplift in a variety of contexts. Tim has consistently operated with a focus on his three areas of passion;

    • Leadership, communication & influence
    • Building and maintaining an inclusive performance culture, and
    • Realising the potential of people and businesses.
  • Stuart Findlay


    I have enjoyed a dynamic and successful career in the accounting profession, financial services industry and management consulting field as a Leader, practitioner, facilitator and coach. I believe that by knowing thyself and the broader purpose and functions of your employer and customers, one is in a stronger position to achieve mastery, be self-directed and to answer the critical questions that drive motivation and performance.

  • Brian Renwick


    I am an experienced senior business manager with highly developed commercial acumen and a unique combination of commercial skills combined with a strong finance background. My passion for lifelong learning is central to my own personal development from a highly competent finance professional into a strong and broadly experienced commercial operative now delivering value-added Consultancy Services across a range of activities in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector.

  • Rod Power


    I am a consultant trainer and coach with Lighthouse. Prior to this I was the European Managing Director of a media sales consultancy generating approximately $150m in annual sales for my clients, and has an extensive background in business management, Leadership, and executive development. My passion is the creation of high-performing teams and cultures through effective Leadership. I have been a key-note speaker, executive coach and consultant throughout Australasia, Europe and North America.

  • Lisa Galbraith


    I have extensive strategic and operational experience, achieved through senior executive appointments with Fortune 100 IT organisations across North American, Asian and Australian markets. I have also co-founded and led a technology start up to successful sale and integration into a global business.

    I improve teamwork and business outcomes through working with Teams and have successful help Boards  focus on improving governance frameworks and strategy in both the For Profit and Not for Profit spaces. My passion is enhancing and promoting women in Leadership.

  • Paula Colarusso

    Sales and Business Development Manager

Our Partners

We partner with leading, globally renowned organisations to bring exclusive programs and people development practices to Australia.

Lighthouse licences the NEWS Model and Programs in Australia through N.E.W.S.®

Established in 2006 in Lausanne, Switzerland, N.E.W.S.® is dedicated to developing and promoting the use of the N.E.W.S.® Model and principals, globally through facilitation, training & coaching. N.E.W.S.® provides training materials and tools to its licensees, and over the years, has established the N.E.W.S.® network, which allows for a dynamic exchange of ideas and alignment between N.E.W.S.® professionals across the world.

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Lighthouse exclusively licences the Building Business Acumen programs in Australia through Acumen Learning.

Based in Utah, United States, Acumen Learning is the premier business partner that 19 of the Fortune 50 have turned to for customized business acumen training programs that help to build strategic alignment and engagement at every level of the organisation.

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