In today’s global market the rapid pace of change is creating unique challenges for organisations, requiring them to develop new skills and cultures around innovation, creative thinking and collaboration in order to survive and grow.

What is Innovation?

For organisations, innovation means optimizing the potential value embedded in an idea that is new to you. By contrast, creativity is the ability to generate new ideas and invention is creating something that is new to the world.

Why is Innovation Challenging for Organisations?

It is true that Innovation is a skill that can be learnt. However, in my experience, Innovation is challenging to organisations because they see it just as a process or journey, as opposed to a set of skills, tools and mindsets that are unique for each stage of the Innovation Journey:

Searching -> Exploring -> Committing -> Realising -> Optimising

So to innovate, organisations typically think of an idea and conduct lots of analysis and market research to prove it will work. Then they create a plan and work the plan. Finally they deliver the innovation and commence marketing, to convince people that they need it!

Not surprising, often people (customers | suppliers | staff) don’t desire what is delivered because it is not really satisfying a pain point or need that they have!

At Lighthouse, our goal is to equip people with the knowledge, skills and tools to develop and sustain an environment where teams and individuals can create significant value through innovation.

Advancing Customers

Our exclusively licensed Innovation Mindset and Culture program has been co-created by Dr David Francis at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management (CENTRIM) at the University of Brighton, Kim Barnes from the well known leader of corporate training programs in the US, Barnes & Conti, and Innovation author and expert, Dr Nelson Soken.

This program will enable you make a stronger personal contribution to the innovation revolution. Our mission is to help you to be a more effective formal and informal manager of innovation. By the term “manager’ we refer to a role that may not be a job title. Individual contributors, team leaders, as well as those in the formal hierarchy, manager innovation as part of their everyday working lives.

The Program’s goals are to:

  • Clarify how innovation can become an important part of the way that you do your job and live your life
  • Specify how mindsets, skills, and behaviours need to change as an idea moves from being a “gleam in the eye” to a reality that creates value in your organisation and/or the larger world
  • Suggest practical ways in which you can create and develop innovation capability both within your area of influence and across organizational boundaries

You’ll learn a 5 phase framework called the Innovation Journey, be introduced to an Avatar who brings each phase to life, practice skills and mindsets, assess your organisation’s current capability, and apply the learning to an opportunity within your organisation.

Innovation doesn’t “just happen”. Tools are not the answer either. Successful and valuable innovation requires leadership and management with the right mindsets and organisational culture.

This article was written by James Merchant, Innovation Program Manager and Facilitator. To get in touch with James please email For more information on our Innovation Mindset and Culture programs, please see our website

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