Consider this common scenario:

Your executive team delivered a comprehensive strategy out to 2025 which the board signed off. Everyone contributing to the strategy genuinely believes it will deliver significant growth. Now Q2 is winding down and your 2022 Strategic Initiatives are stalled. The executive team are stuck working ‘in the business’ and not progressing the big bets designed to accelerate the business to the next phase. Your middle-level leaders (the “extended leadership team”) are running the operation, but it feels reactive. Sub-teams lack a common execution cadence and scoreboard so no one is quite sure if they’re winning or losing. The operation is full of bandaids, not solutions to the systemic issues that limit execution.

ExecuNet Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap

Strategy Execution was the #1 concern for CEOs for two years running, according to Conference Board research. Through more than 20 years of working with leading companies, Lighthouse has discovered a set of principles and methods that drive superior execution. Applying these principles and adopting these methods reliably translates to performance.

This challenge is pervasive – it slows down large multinational organisations, SMEs, and public service organisations alike. We are excited to open a July dialogue with our clients, partners and network. Over the next 4 weeks we will explore ‘Execution’ via a series of articles, LinkedIn Discussions, and an Online Event.

  • 28 June – Why is Execution so hard?
  • 5 July – What are the modern principles for closing the strategy-execution gap?
  • 12 July – Which are the most reliable methods for closing the strategy-execution gap?
  • 19 July – Online Event: Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap. How are organisations overcoming the odds and succeeding?

Join the LinkedIn Discussion: Research suggests that 30% of change journeys are successful. What’s your experience with SUCCESSFUL strategy execution?

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