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Innovation Mindset and Culture

Help leaders and managers develop the mindset, skill-set, tools, and processes for creating a culture of innovation and value creation within your organisation.

Suitable for:

Everyone, because Innovation is a required capability for many organisational and personal challenges such as; business improvement; responding to threats of disruption; the need for a proactive culture to enable success in an uncertain and fast changing business environment and the need to future proof people with new skills, tools and mindsets

How it’s delivered:

One or two day face-to-face workshops


Customisable based on business requirements

One of the most pressing business challenges is keeping up with the pace of change and global innovation. To be competitive, organisations must create value by enabling at all levels, whether it be with existing business processes, products and services, business models, value chain transformation or simply preparing for the future.

How is it different?

The program is based on the research of David Francis, Ph.D. at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management of the University of Brighton in the U.K. and offers the opportunity to learn and apply essential skills and processes for innovation management and leadership.

What’s in the program?

The programs deliver researched based innovation management best practice and help to develop a skillset and mindset critical to managing and guiding strategic innovation initiatives through the 5 key stages of innovation.

We offer three key programs;

Managing Innovation

Driving ideas from strategic initiative to value creation

Building a Culture of Innovation

Encourage entrepreneurial innovation and risk taking in your organisation

Intelligent Risk Taking

Taking ideas from vision to action

Participants will be able to reflect on their strengths, and identify weaknesses as leaders, managers and implementers of innovation. They will also create an organisation-specific innovation agenda and participate in a simulated “innovation journey”.

By putting key learnings into practice, participants will be able to better manage and strategically drive innovation in the organisation.

The course has generated a great deal of interest in and enthusiasm for innovation. Perhaps more importantly, the value in creating a common language about innovation (i.e. what is innovation) and creating an environment for people across the organization to have a conversation about innovation cannot be underestimated.

Innovation Strategist and Program Manager, International Medical Device Company.

Based on the same program delivered in the U.S.


Some of the key benefits of the program are:

Learn best practices in innovation management

Reflect systematically on your own strengths and weaknesses as a manager of innovation

Create an “Innovation Agenda” that can be implemented in the organisation

Analyze and develop mindsets and skill-sets for the innovation journey

Is innovation a strategic priority in your organisation?

Let’s discuss how we can help your innovation leaders and facilitators drive better business results through an effective framework to guide and enable innovation.