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Leadership Team Navigation

Leadership teams in most organisations, operate as a collection of functional silos, not as an aligned and cohesive primary team driving the strategy and a culture across the business. We guide Leadership teams to define the roadmap to success, using a unique practical, repeatable and scaleable process.


Suitable for:

Leadership Teams looking to navigate their way through change or to a future state of higher performance.

How it’s delivered:

Face-to-face sessions


Typically full or half day strategy and facilitation sessions over a few months

What’s in it?

We use a practical process, the NEWS™ Compass, to equip your Leadership Team with the clarity, commitment, and communication needed to set the example to lead your strategy.

The NEWS™ Compass, was created by Aviad Goz, who identified 4 main growth barriers of organisations, teams and individuals by observing repetitive behaviour patterns. Each direction of the compass corresponds to one barrier and addresses a suitable solution.

Our Lead Team Navigation program:

  • Brings the leadership team together- ensuring that the Lead Team is the Primary Team for all members (not their individual Functional Teams). This eliminates silo behaviour and organisational confusion
  • Aligns the team’s behaviours to a clear Direction which is fuelled by genuine belief. Members are engaged to a common set of values and standards.
  • Empowers the team to identify and breakthrough the barriers to success
  • Focuses the team on what needs to be executed
  • Holds accountability to create and maintain momentum and results







There is a culture of ownership, clarity and collaboration where the extended team (middle managers, front line supervisors, employees) works together to proactively achieve the right priorities based on a clear understanding of your strategy.

“The Lighthouse Team Navigation process produced a simple, unifying story to which our extended leadership group felt entirely committed. The process was as important as the output, encouraging authentic discussion on important factors that might other have gone undiscovered”. General Manager, Business Bank, nab

“Millward Brown engaged the services of Lighthouse to help the Senior Management Team better understand how to lead the organisation. The outcome was a clear 1, 2 and 3 year strategy with key actions and accountability. Our Leadership team are more focused and aligned and all our people now participate in shaping the key actions and initiatives each year. Over the past two and a half years we have continued to work closely with Lighthouse, not just on Strategy, but with broader training of our teams. We have experienced solid growth and our employee satisfaction is at record levels. In fact we managed to achieve our three year financial goal in the first year”. Ben Dixon, CEO Millward Brown






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Read about the four key factors needed for leadership teams to not just survive, but thrive in today’s business environment.

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Lighthouse have worked to understand our business over many years. [They] seek to get to the heart of the leadership challenges of the business and the potential and then use industry best tools and benchmarking to chart a course to breakthrough to new outcomes. Their industry knowledge and deep context of our business allows a very personalised and relevant approach. The NEWS framework grounds the team around the common opportunity and critically, confronts the blocks that will get in the way.

– Sales Director, Amdocs


Improved Strategic thinking and decision making

Empowers the team to identify and breakthrough barriers to success

Focuses the team on what needs to be executed

Eliminates silo behaviour and organisational confusion

Create a culture of ownership, clarity and collaboration

Our experienced consultant facilitators will guide your team to work through leadership challenges to drive better performance and results. Every solution we deliver is practical and designed to deliver real benefits.

We make change possible by making leadership practical.

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