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Leading People in Times of Change

In times of change new leadership capabilities are needed. Train your managers to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Equip them with contemporary skills, tools and mindsets to lead their people and teams.

Suitable for:

Any organisation facing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity or Ambiguity.

How it’s delivered:

Customised facilitated sessions supported by blended learning options.


One or two-day workshops.

We are at a dramatically different time with dynamic change, shifting employee expectations and less formal hierarchy in our organisational structures. A different approach to leadership and management is required to lift employee engagement and performance.

How is it different?

We use a practical model, the NEWS Compass, created by Aviad Goz, to equip your high potential employees, people managers and team leaders to thrive through change.

We offer 3 key Programs


Leading Teams – Manager as Team Navigator

Leaders of Teams will learn new processes to effectively lead teams in times of change and engage behavioural and performance outcomes.

Leading People – Manager as Coach

People Managers will learn how to hold proactive and efficient conversations to help staff, colleagues and managers break through to the next level.


Leading Self – Self Navigation

Individuals will learn how to take self-directed responsibility and drive their career in alignment with the organisational needs.

“A fantastic program for people with any level or experience in people management. The systems work!”

Manager, Cricket New South Wales


Some of the key outcomes of the program are:

Develop proactive leadership throughout your organisation

Create a culture of development of people and teams

Create a common language and framework for leadership

Enable your leaders to confidently navigate and lead their teams through change

Are your leaders equipped to lead through a volatile, uncertain or complex environment?

Let’s discuss how we can help your people become more attentive, flexible, resilient leaders.

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