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NextLevel Leadership Pathway™

Developing talent, managers and leaders with the core capabilities to progress people and business to the next level.


Self Navigation

Engage people and key talent through this next generation development process to create a personal and professional plan incorporating Career, Motivation, Growth and Achievement.

Building Business Acumen

Help your people see the big picture and understand business financials so their decisions increase business profitability and align with strategy.

Coaching Conversations

Empower people managers to lift potential and performance with their team members through highly practical and impactful career, motivation, development and performance coaching conversations

Leading teams effectively

Equip Leaders of Teams with the practical leadership skills, tools and process to motivate change and align performance improvement through team meetings

Key outcomes





Growth, Profit

Optional Extension Programs

Hone individual skill-sets and enhance performance through these focused programs.

Strategic Leadership

A two day program to teach managers and leaders the strategic skills and practical tools to understand current state, set future state and bridge the gap.

Leading Change

1 day workshop for any People Manager, Leader or Human Resources professional required to activate, manage and enable change within an organisation.

Quantum Negotiation

Help managers, leaders and customer professionals build better working trust and achieve excellent outcomes through negotiating underlying social and psychological needs as the foundation to create optimal value

Customer Acumen

This two day program helps managers, leaders and customer professionals align their service experience and value proposition with a more strategic understanding of the customer to grow revenue

Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations

A one day workshop to help participants understand what causes conflict, our responses to it, and improving conversations to address conflict and achieve desired outcomes without damaging relationships.

Engaging Communication

A two day program to improve confidence, clarity and persuasiveness of verbal communication. Participants receive video analysis and coaching on their communication style, are taught how to plan, engage and adapt to different people’s needs.

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