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Leadership plays a vital role in a business’s strategy, culture and performance. All organisations are now faced with changing market conditions, emerging technology and a multi-generational workforce. Indeed the pace and complexity of change increases year on year. Does your organisation have what it takes to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

Lighthouse is updating our research-based capability model to help organisations develop leadership for today and tomorrow. We value your opinion and invite you to contribute to the Lighthouse Leadership Capability Insights Report. Over the next 4 months we will gather input from business and not for profit leaders across the country and internationally, across industry and company size. Our objective through this market research is to confirm and validate the top three leadership capabilities needed for success towards 2025.  Please respond to a short questionnaire to rank 13 high performance leadership capabilities.

Lighthouse exists to spark an evolution in leadership. We have developed the Lighthouse Leadership Index to provide a Leadership Evolution pathway by measuring leadership effectiveness and progress in your business through regular monthly polling technology. This innovative tool is your ‘always on’ assistant in targeted leadership and business growth.

To recognise your contribution to our research we will provide you with an industry-specific Capability Insights Report and 3 months free trial of the Lighthouse Leadership Index.

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Lighthouse’s purpose is to spark an evolution in leadership. We build Leadership capability to take your business to the next level. Please contact us on 02 9091 0305 or 03 to discuss how we can help build capability in your organisation through: – Enabling Strategy through People, Building Business Acumen, Innovation Mindset and Culture or Advancing Women in Leadership.


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