Empower Your Teams

Empower your teams

Capability development that delivers lasting change.

Globally proven programs

Co-created & customised capability roadmaps

Delivered only by experienced Industry & Program specialists

70% of all Transformations fail

38% of Success is Leadership Dependent

24-46% Executive Transition Failure after 2 years


Build your capability with Lighthouse

Lighthouse has worked with hundreds of organisations across Australia and internationally, and trained over 14,000 members of business teams, across the full range of capability development.

Using globally established and locally proven training programs, we have a proven track record of delivering enterprise-transforming capability training Australia-wide, through our team of skilled trainers and presenters.

Business Acumen
Understand the income statement, P+L, balance sheet and cash flow, and how the 5 Business drivers determine business success.
Leadership Essentials Understand the pathway to great leadership, the FROM-TO shift, and leading yourself, others and the business.
Coaching Skills
Improve coaching capability, initiate coaching conversations, build engagement and accountability.


Experienced Specialists lead all our programs.

Lighthouse has trained over 14,000 future leaders, across over 100 Australian companies.

Our facilitators are specialists in their areas of expertise, allowing them to customise program content and delivery to your specific contexts.

Our team is able to deliver programs across Australia, and internationally, supporting many Australian and regional teams as they expand their influence.


Ongoing development to build organisational strength.

Lighthouse offers an extensive range of business and organisation capability development programs designed to help any organisation continue to develop and empower its people to deliver better outcomes. We organise our programming to address different stages of personal and organisational maturity.

Avanade has invested in self development programs to drive improvements

Read how Pernod Ricard stepped up its team leadership

Learn how NAB benefitted from developing these capabilities

Learn how Thales developed business leadership


Capability development: part of the bigger picture.

The Lighthouse Leadership System incorporates capability development training into a broader top-to-bottom approach called systemised leadership development.

Lighthouse’s dedicated team of Transformation Partners works directly with CEOs and Executive teams to accelerate business transformation by

  • Aligning the executive team
  • Driving change through all functions
  • Empowering the whole team, top to bottom
  • Monitoring impact over time


For more information on any of our courses, for help developing a wider training program, or to discuss how we can support your leadership development and transformation, please call us to schedule an initial consultation.